Two chef’s

Headed to Two chef’s eating placetwice in a week. The food’s Rly worthy for the price. To avoid the crowd, you’ll probably want to consider an early dinner , prob 530pm? I rched at abt 8pm during my first visit. There were a lot of people but the waiting time was pretty short although there’s a queue to be seated. Their service is fast. Food was served pretty quickly after we’re seated. A 10-15 mins walk from commonwealth MRT.

20120416-  001015.jpg
Raw cockles.appetiser. I love the soya sauce.

Soupy 3 eggs veg.

Butter pork ribs! Everyone orders this!

Honey chicken. Doesn’t look v appetising but it’s tasty!

Toufu with golden mushrooms. One of my fav!!

Herbal chicken. A pretty popular dish among the crowd.

Coffee pork ribs.

Dull looking yam but it’s absolutely yummy. I love this!!

Curry fish head. Pretty fresh but not rly to my liking.

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