The canopy cafe

Eric and Joanne brought me to the canopy cafe for dinner last weekend!! It was a hidden jem with the stunning scenery.

So beautiful right!! ^^
I would prefer to go at night because of scenic view. It’s outdoor seating. We had their local delights. They do serve Japanese and western too but I am not sure how good they taste. Most people ordered the local delights anyway. However, their service is really slow. The waiters are not attentive and Eric got to ask strong>;thrice for an extra desert spoon. I strongly discourage you to go by public transport. You’ll be perspiring, annoyed with the long waiting of the only sbs bus that passes there. What’s more, the bus does not stop directly in front of the cafe. You still gotta walk a distance into marina golf club. It’s pretty inconvenient to get there unless you are travelling by car or taxi.

Johore beehoon. One of my favourite. Abt $8

Mee goreng. This is really tasty. You got to try it. Abt $8.

Another must try dish is their chicken wings! I love it!!

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