Swirled cheese chocolate cake

I got this recipe from Abbygail’s Kitchen.  It was supposed to be a really rich and moist cake. I had lots of expectations for this cake because it’s a combination of mt two favourite flavours, Chocolate and Cheese!!! The recipe’s awesome but i made several mistakes somewhere which ruined the entire cake.Please go to Abbygail’s Kitchen for the original recipe. The recipe called for chocolate emulco paste. For those that do not have it at home, you can replace with 40g cocoa powder per tbsp of chocolate emulco paste. I added about 3 tbsp of rum to the cheese but i can’t really taste the rum.

The multiple liquid ingredients (ie: yoghurt, milk & oil) are certainly gonna make the chocolate cake rich and moist. However, my cake turned out to be pretty hard. and… Why is that so?! Firstly, I overbaked. The recipe calls for approx 55 mins but i baked for approx 1hr10 mins because my cake wasnt evenly baked. 5/6 of my cake was alr done but 1/4 wasnt when i inserted a skewer to check the progress at the 1hr mark. I have no choice but to continue baking.

Secondly, I feel that there’s insufficient cream cheese (subjective). After i mixed my batter, the volume of chocolate batter seemed to have reduced. Dont be fooled by it! Initially, I thought there wasnt enough Chocolate cake batter but hey, look at the proportion of Chocolate to Cheese cake?! I filled my bundt tin with the chocolate batter then the cheese batter. However, That was an extremely wrong move. Since the cake is going to stay in the oven for a long time( approx 1hr), the high temperature will burn the cheese and leave behind a thick crust. Can you imagine so much cheese will be waste! At the same time, the chocolate batter beneath the cheese batter will rise ( because of the baking soda.). On the other hand, my cheesecake batter is so smooth that i feel that some has seeped into the chocolate batter. Do you think if i add a small amount of baking soda into the cheesecake batter, the cheesecake will seep less into the chocolate batter?Idk if i am making sense but that’s just how i concluded because i am really curious about the reason behind the pathetic amount of cheesecake in the final cake. Please correct me if i am wrong!

I guess the next time when i bake this, I will probably bake them in cupcakes than full cake so that i can better control the temperature.Nevertheless, this is a really great recipe. If you are looking for a rich and moist chocolate and cheese cake, this is def the one and dont repeat my mistakes!! If not you’ll feel as heart broken as me. :/

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