Easy baked egg toast

Ever since I came across the Baked egg toast on fooodismylife, I promised myself I m gna make this one day. This pretty egg toast definitely starts anybody’s day. The best thing is they are really simple to make. I scooped a few spoons of baked beans to make a complete meal. They taste as good as they look.  Ingredients:
2 slices of bread ( i use wholemeal)
1 egg
Herbs ( any kind of herbs you have on hand)
Cheese ( Slice cheese/ Cheese spread) ( Optional)
Butter ( Optional)

-Use a cookie cutter ( I got mine from Daiso) to cut the shape out.
-For a darker shade of bread toast, apply some butter onto both sides of bread.
-Divide cheese slice into 4 pieces and align them along the sides of the bread and stick the bread together.
-Break an egg into the hole you have cut out using a cookie cutter.
-Sprinkle some pepper and herbs onto the egg and bake in the oven until the desired cookness of your egg at 180 degreesC

2 thoughts on “Easy baked egg toast

  1. Wow, looks really good!! I’ve not made this for a very long time… I’m always rushing out of the house haha, gotta make this toast this weekend 😉

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