Easy Chocolate truffles

Specially baked this for Woon’s birthday. Decided not to waste my left over heavy cream that i used to make the chocolate ganache since i have to finish using them in five days. Really easy recipe. No oven involved. All you need is the fridge.

Ingredients: ( makes about 14 truffles) 

250g of good quality chocolate

1/3 cup of heavy cream

1tbsp of sugar


– Heat up the heavy cream.

– Add sugar and chocolate into heavy cream when it is simmering.

– Stir with a spoon until the mixture is well blended and smooth. Pour in a bowl.

– Refrigerate for 4-5 hours/overnight until set.

– use a spoon to roll them into balls and coat with cocoa powder or any desired topping like nuts etc..

– Best: Serve cold.



One thought on “Easy Chocolate truffles

  1. Tasted your chocs and I luv e THICK choc taste that melts in my mouth. Licking good! Bake it for x’MAS pseeee! We need at least 60 of it! I can eat 5 in one go, haha ;P

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