My favourite Breakfast makes my day.

I am having breakfast in school right now. one of my all time fav breakfast and it really makes my day! :> Everyone should really try this. Simple Sandwich with egg, Ham and Shredded cucumber + my hot tea. Perfect breakfast to start my day. Browsed through several recipes online and there are so many recipes i wna try. But mum just packed the kitchen and she warned me not to mess up before chinese new year. 1st up on the list, fruit tarts. I love mini fruit tarts.Baked several times before but i cant seem to get the custard right. It’s either too curdled or too soft. Next, tiramisu. Already on my waiting list for a long long time and who doesnt like tiramisu? Followed by, Rum balls. My sister bought some rum cake balls from her work place and they were really awesome. Next, Cheesecake. Cheesecake sits firmly at the top of my favourites. If not for the calories, i can have cheesecake for all my meals. But i haven been able to get cheesecake right. It’s always too floury. I love the newyork cheesecake at Bakerzin. The blueberry cheesecake at coffeebean is pretty good too. Best thing is the one at coffeebean is cheaper than the rest. Then, Red Velvet Cake. Cant emphasise enough that i have baked this for a million times, still unable to find my favourite recipe. But i am gna get it right.soon. Another thing that i’ve always wanted to make is Spanakopita. It’s a spinach phyllo pastry and it’s really delicious, esp the ones served at Blukouzina. Not forgetting more Salad recipes. Ok, gna get back to work now.


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