Ham & Scramble Egg Croissant


I have been eating hot rolled oats with banana (banana craze) and nuts for the past few days. I shall have a more filling breakfast today – Buttery ham and scrambled Egg croissant.  Just cook some scramble eggs, toast few pieces of honey baked ham in the oven/microwave and apply some butter onto the croissant that you can buy at the nearest bakery or supermarket. Put everything together, add a bit of pepper and you are good to go! Well, I prefer the medium rare kind of scramble eggs. But since i am bringing them to school, i fear they might go bad if i leave them for too long. So i climbed out of bed as early as 630 am just to prepare this. Look at how discipline I am! If only i could be this discipline in studying…  Packed them into lunch boxes and I am off to school! On a side note, ONE MORE DAY TO SUMMER. YES YES YES!!


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