Banana squares



Week 15: Exam week. But this is also the LAST week of school for Year 1 Semester 1! School has been so busy, especially towards the end of semester. There were endless project presentations and report deadlines to meet. I’ve been returning to school almost everyday for the past three weeks and i haven have proper time spent with my family for a long time. On the bright side, I am looking forward to FRIDAY (my last paper)!!! After which will be a looooooong SUMMER BREAK for about 2-3 months! Can’t wait for summer then i will resume my healthy lifestyle and spending lots of time in the kitchen, trying out the different recipes that i have bookmarked! I’ve been craving for bananas recently and this explains my sudden consecutive banana posts. HAHAHA. Talking about banana squares, I love those from fourleaves. Craving for them so i decided to bake them myself. I thought the cakes were a little too moist. I used 5 bananas but my bananas weren’t exactly very very ripe.

Recipe (original recipe adapted from here)

90g canola or sunflower oil
– 90g castor sugar (which I reduced to 70g)
– 1 large egg, lightly beaten
– 125g flour (plain flour is fine)
– 1/2 tsp baking powder
– 1/2 tsp baking soda
– 4 or 5 medium-sized very, very ripe bananas, mashed with a fork
– 25g regular or skimmed milk
– 1 to 1 1/2 tsp rum (enhance the banana flavor)
1. In a large bowl, mash the bananas with a fork. Leave some chunks if you want bits of banana in your cake.

2. Add milk, sugar, oil, rum and combine using a small whisk.

3. In a separate bowl, mix flour, baking powder and baking soda, and give a quick mix.
* Note: I only sifted the baking soda because it tends to be lumpy. Didn’t even bother with the flour or baking powder. 

4. Add the dry ingredients to the wet ingredients and whisk gently to combine (don’t whip and introduce air into the batter). As long as no traces of flour remain, you are ready to bake. Yes, 2 bowls, 1 fork, 1 whisk. That’s it.

5. Pour into a lined square tin.

6. Bake at 175°C for about 30mins, or until a skewer comes out clean. 


Healthy Banana Oatcakes


Strong cravings for bananas these days. Made these oatcakes for breakfast. Filling and healthy breakfast to start the day. Lets go!

Ingredients: (makes 4 small oatcakes: 1 serving)

4 tbsp of oats
1 banana, mashed.
1 egg
2 tbsp of olive oil.

Mix the first three ingredients together.
Panfry them.


Steamed Banana Cakes

Whats for breakfast on Wednesday? Instead of our usual peanut jam and nutella sandwiches, my family had steamed banana cakes for breakfast. In fact, 1 steamed banana cake has lower calories than 1 serving of our usual peanut jam sandwich. I love steam cakes from four leaves, breadtalk and not forgetting the colourful ones sold at pasar Malam, top with some orange sugar and coconut flakes. I was tryng to make the cake rise into 4 corners at the top (like huat kueh) but I failed. My mum brought some really sweet bananas back from my grandma’s kampong. I was contemplating between banana steamed cakes and banana muffins. I was pretty lazy that day so I went with the simpler recipe. It is amazing such an easy recipe can yield such a delicious and moist banana cake. I’ll make this again! I slightly edited the recipe to suit my family. I liike my banana cake to have chunks of banana in it so i added more bananas than what the original recipe called for and i did leave some chunks of bananas in my mashed banana mixture. Since i added more bananas, i reduced my sugar intake from 100g to 70g. Sweetness was just nice . All you need are a couple of ingredients which you most likely already have on hand. You can always pop them in the fridge and steam them the next morning. That was what I did! Enjoy these hot n fluffy banana cakes.


Hot, fluffy and chunky banana cakes ^^

Ingredients: (7-8muffins) [  Original recipe adapted from here ]

2 Eggs
3  ripe bananas, mashed with some chunks (300g)
150g Self-raising Flour
1/8 tsp Baking Soda
75g oil (any flavorless oil)


  1. Sift together self-raising flour and baking soda, set aside.
  2. In a mixing bowl, whisk together Eggs and sugar till ribbon stage.
  3. Mix in mashed bananas, beat till combine.
  4. Gently fold in flour mixture and Oil, taking care not to deflate the eggs and sugar mixture.
  5. Pour Batter into muffin pan, lined with muffin cups.
  6. Steam over high heat for 15mins or till an inserted skewer comes out clean.

Banana Chocolate Chip Muffin

Call it a Banana muffin? It’s a failure. Call it a Chocolate Chip Muffin? Its an absolute success because it’s so chcolatey. So, Banana Chocolate Chip Muffin? Uhhh… Not quite. More like Chocolate Chip muffin this time. I guess i added too much Chocolate Chips into the batter. I like Banana Chocolate Chip muffin to havechunksof banana and some small amount of chocolate chips scattered around. I thought my bananas werent too mashed at first. I was expecting some chunks of bananas in the muffins but i guessed they were still too “mashed??’ Next time, I am going to up the bananas and throw in some additional sliced and unmashed bananas into the batter. I dont know if i’ll achieve my chunky bananas texture but i guess i’ll jst give it a go. If anybody knows, please let me know! The muffins were pretty moist even though there’s no sourcream/yoghurt/milk in the recipe. The Chocolate chip taste was too overpowering. But the good thing about it was that the chocolate chips were uniformly scattered in the muffin instead of sinking to the bottom. I mix the chocolate chips with a good amount of flour and folded the chocolate chips together with the flour into the rest of batter. I guess this trick works almost everytime.

Ingredients: [ Recipe taken from Laura Vitale] Makes 12 Muffins

½ Cup of Vegetable Oil
2 Eggs
100g of Sugar
3 Mashed Bananas
¼ tsp of Vanilla Extract
200g Cake flour
1 tsp Baking Powder
½ tsp of Baking Soda
¼ tsp of Salt
¼ tsp of Cinnamon
1 Cup of Chocolate Chips


1) Preheat your oven to 400 degrees. Line a 12 piece muffin tin with muffin liners and set aside.
2) In a small bowl add the chocolate chips and 3 tbsp of flour and mix until all the chocolate chips are coated in the flour. Set aside.
3) In a large bowl add the first 5 ingredients and mix until all combined.
4) Add the flour and baking soda, baking powder, salt and cinnamon, whisk until all combined.
5) Fold in the chocolate chip and flour mixture.
6) Using a large ice cream scoop divide the batter into your muffin pan and bake for about 18 minutes.

I tried to make some streusel toppings on 3 of the muffins. Hmmm i wld say i have to try it again… Nevertheless, you can check out the recipe for the streusel toppings here.