Easy baked egg toast

Ever since I came across the Baked egg toast on fooodismylife, I promised myself I m gna make this one day. This pretty egg toast definitely starts anybody’s day. The best thing is they are really simple to make. I scooped a few spoons of baked beans to make a complete meal. They taste as good as they look.  Ingredients:
2 slices of bread ( i use wholemeal)
1 egg
Herbs ( any kind of herbs you have on hand)
Cheese ( Slice cheese/ Cheese spread) ( Optional)
Butter ( Optional)

-Use a cookie cutter ( I got mine from Daiso) to cut the shape out.
-For a darker shade of bread toast, apply some butter onto both sides of bread.
-Divide cheese slice into 4 pieces and align them along the sides of the bread and stick the bread together.
-Break an egg into the hole you have cut out using a cookie cutter.
-Sprinkle some pepper and herbs onto the egg and bake in the oven until the desired cookness of your egg at 180 degreesC

Strictly 19th

Pancakes pancakes. Who doesn’t love pancakes! Pancakes are one of my all time favourites! We’ve decided on strictly pancakes for Yan’s 19th! It was full house when we arrived. So we settled outdoors instead.

20120425-161958.jpg Maple syrup and garlic flavoured butter.

Happy birthday Yanny!

One of their most popular dish. Indeed really savoury. it’s my first time eating prawns with pancakes. ^^

Stack your own pancakes. We get to choose the add ons!
However, I feel that their pancakes are a little too thick for my liking. I guess I still prefer my hot cakes from macs. Well, just personal preference. But the next time, I’ll try their “sweet collection”. ^^

Rider’s cafe


Breakfast at rider’s cafe on an early Saturday morng. we’re here pretty early to avoid the brunch crowd which probably strolls in at around 11-12noon. Reservation is strongly recommended if you’re thinking of cmg for brunch. Kinda inaccessible unless you’ve a car. Pretty nice ambience but the service is a little slow. Good place for friends to catchup over brunch!



“The usual”.  we get to choose the eggs: sunny, scramble or poached. $16


Eggs Benedict. I forgot the price but i think is $15.  Yummm poached eggs.