Pandan Chiffon Cake

I bookmarked the recipe a million years ago and i only baked this last weekend. The perfect combination: Pandan + Coconut. What can be better than this? The fragrant smell of the pandan cake absolutely filled my living room while it’s baking in the oven. My chiffon cakes are always so short. I guess partly is because of my chiffon tin. I have been wanting to get a higher chiffon tin but i just couldnt bear to spend that few bucks since this is still working well. Just that my current tin is shorter and wider? Hmm. Chiffon cakes. They looked no big deal at first sight. In fact, they are the opposite. In my opinion, i think they are harder to tackle compared to cupcakes and muffins. I guess to bake anything successfully, its essential to understand the objective behind the steps! Sadly, I am still far away from mastering chiffon cakes. This is my 4th attempt baking chiffon cakes! Check out my coffee chiffon cake here. Back to my pandan chiffon cake, its a little too moist. The problem lies here. Original recipe calls for 1tbsp of homemade pandan paste. I didnt want to use the artificial pandan paste bought in stores, so i dilligently pound my pandan leaves. However, it requires a long time ( about a day) for the pandan solution to settle because we only want the concentrated part of the pandan solution. I was too excited and couldnt wait for a day so i substitute that with 75 ml of my pounded pandan solution. My cake ended up slightly too moist but the pandan taste was fantastic. Since this was my 1st attempt with Pandan Chiffon, i decided to use the instant coconut milk from the store. But i believe that fresh coconut milk will certainly provide a better flavour.


Pandan Chiffon Cake [ Original adapted from Small Small Baker ]
Ingredients (makes 16cm chiffon tin)
2 egg yolks
20g sugar
A small pinch of salt
30g vegetable oil
40g coconut milk
75ml of homemade pandan solution ( Original recipe calls for 1tbsp of pandan paste.)
55g cake flour
1/2 tsp baking powder
3 egg whites
45g sugar
1. Whisk egg yolks, sugar and salt until the sugar dissolves. Put coconut milk in saucepan and let it simmer under low heat for about 2-3 mins.
2. Gradually add in vegetable oil, followed by coconut milk and pandan paste, and stir until well-mixed.
3. Fold in sifted cake flour and baking powder until well-mixed. Set aside.
4. In another bowl, whisk egg whites until soft peaks form. Add in sugar gradually and continue whisking until stiff peak form.
5. Gently fold in the egg white into the egg yolk batter (in step 3) in 3 batches.
6. Pour the batter into an ungreased chiffon tin. Bake in preheated oven at 170 deg C for 30 minutes. (I bake at 180 deg C for the first 10 minutes, then reduce to 170 deg C for the next 20 minutes, for my 6 inch tin.)
7. Remove from oven and invert the tin immediately onto a cooling rack.
8. Unmould the cake only when it is completely cool.