Two chef’s

Headed to Two chef’s eating placetwice in a week. The food’s Rly worthy for the price. To avoid the crowd, you’ll probably want to consider an early dinner , prob 530pm? I rched at abt 8pm during my first visit. There were a lot of people but the waiting time was pretty short although there’s a queue to be seated. Their service is fast. Food was served pretty quickly after we’re seated. A 10-15 mins walk from commonwealth MRT.

20120416-  001015.jpg
Raw cockles.appetiser. I love the soya sauce.

Soupy 3 eggs veg.

Butter pork ribs! Everyone orders this!

Honey chicken. Doesn’t look v appetising but it’s tasty!

Toufu with golden mushrooms. One of my fav!!

Herbal chicken. A pretty popular dish among the crowd.

Coffee pork ribs.

Dull looking yam but it’s absolutely yummy. I love this!!

Curry fish head. Pretty fresh but not rly to my liking.

J Cube

Jcube was SOOOO crowded. There were lots of anticipation for the opening of this new mall. It was under renovation for FOUR years.It’s Four long years. Of course everyone would be excited about it! But i feel that the structure is a little odd. Unlike the rectangular Jp2, there were lots of turns and roundabouts. Perhaps it’s due to the crowd? I was surprised that there’s no starbucks or coffee bean in the entire mall!! Jp has a starbucks and a coffeebean, Clementi Mall has a starbucks. Even West Coast Plaza has a starbucks. How can J cube not have a coffee house?? J cube reminds me of my secondary school days… JEC, the place i used to hang out with my schoolmates. Suddenly, i can rmb almost every inch of JEC and my secondary school life.