Cinnamon Rolls

Bread. I love bread and i wish i could have bread everyday! Back to baking bread after a long time. Like the last time, i am still unable to achieve my fluffy and airy texture or rather, i have never achieved that. I am not sure if the problem lies with my technique or the degree of strength exerted. HMMM. Or probably i should sign up for bakingbread101? I wished i have a kitchen-aid machine. So, i can just let the machine run for a couple of minutes instead of sweating like a horse  hand-kneading for 40 minutes?! Oh well, even if i do have a kitchen-aid machine, i still want to learn the proper technique of baking bread. How i love the beautiful an-buns and the white fluffy and fruity loaf of bread sitting on the trays at bakeries. I would love to learn all about baking bread from somebody. If you have contacts, please let me know! These cinnamon rolls are best to be eaten while they are still hot. Keep them in an air tight container if you want to keep until the next day. Pop them into the oven before eating them! Hmmm and now i cant find the recipe. I’ll try to find and update again! Keep a look out at this space!



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